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Mike S.from Covington,LA- My neighborhood has brick bulkheads and they were falling apart. BC ROCK FORMS made my bulkhead a one of a kind, plus dressed up my mail box area. My neighbors and I love the new look.

Mike B. from Ponchatoula,LA- I would recommend to anyone to use BC ROCK FORMS. They built a masterpiece for my family. I hope to add a few more boulders to my place. My kids love our rocks.

E.J. W from Albany,LA- My ranch looks better with my new waterslide. I tell everyone I shipped the rocks from Colorado. It's our little secret. Thanks Perry and God Bless!

Donald Abney from Abita Springs,LA- I moved to the country for its beauty. I never thought it could look better. We only added rocks and a waterfall for our pond. There is nothing that can't be done with cement and BC ROCK FORMS. The guys were great and easy to work with. I look forward to the next phase of adding more rocks. We're planning to make a rock path next to our garden. Keep up the good work guys!

Jeff Knox(Crystal Pools)-
There are two things that are a joy, hunting and BC ROCK FORMS.

L. Polk from Robert,LA- BC ROCK FORMS have been there everytime I needed them.

John C.(Clearwater Pools)-BC ROCK FORMS traveled when I needed them to help me finish a grottoe party cave. I appreciate their commitment to quality.

Richard B. from Metairie,LA- I showed them a picture and they made it come to life. I have a one of a kind rock formation.

David W. from Baton Rouge,LA-I take pride in my place for my family. Everyone at BC ROCK FORMS was great from start to finish! My 2010 has started fantastic with my new custom grottoe. It looks like a mountain of rock.

Ron W. from Kenner,LA- My wife and I are at retirement age and just wanted something for our grandkids. Perry and Boogie built them a 1 of a kind walk thru grottoe waterfall. It's almost as good as the Saints winning the SuperBowl.

Stephen F. from Pearl River,LA- After Katrina,like so many others, we moved to the Northshore. I love having a nice yard for my family and friends at our outings. The rock feature we wished for only had a designated area to fit, but BC ROCK FORMS created a masterpiece. It's beautiful day or night. I love the theropuetic sound of a waterfall.
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